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Photography Studies
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Photography Studies

Advanced / Digital Photography Course Outline.

Tutorial 1. Getting Serious!
-Course Introduction
-Customising features on your digital camera.
-Getting the highest quality images from your Digital Camera.
-Shooting in Raw format mode and Raw file management/conversion. (Video)
-Non-Deconstructive editing.
-Enlarging your images properly using Interpolation plugins. (Video)
-Sending large amounts of images via FTP, (File transfer Protocol).
-Getting maximum exposure on the Internet,
-Website hosting and domain names explained.
-Purchasing a website template.
-Getting higher rankings on Google and other popular search engines.
-Building your portfolio,
-Getting people to photograph,
-What is TFP and how you can shoot models for free.

Tutorial 2. Lets Talk Business.
-Getting clients.
-Working with clients.
-Retaining clients.
-Offering incentives to your potential and existing clients.
-When is it time to Charge?
-How to charge your clients when you are starting out.
-How to charge for prints, folios and cds.
-Invoicing and Quoting.
-Running your own successful small business.
-Staying motivated, setting yourself goals.
-Having initiative and confidence and its rewards.
-The power of word of mouth and expanding your business.

Tutorial 3. Stock Photography.
-Stock Libraries.
-Dealing with stock libraries.
-Royalty Free and Rights Managed.
-Exclusivity and non-exclusivity.
-Re-Distribution and high exposure.
-Model releases. (- if I take a photo of people in the street overseas do I need a model release? Can I sell the photo?)
-Images that sell.
-Shooting stock.
-Key wording and metadata.
-Making submissions.
-Royalties and commission payments.
-E-commerce websites, what’s involved to have my own stock photography site.

Tutorial 4. Mastering Photoshop.
-Using your brush for adding signatures, (Video)
-Sharpening your image. (Video)
-Remove noise filter, (Video)
-Lens correction filter to correct lens distortion, (Video)
-Lens correction filter to add vignetting, (Video)
-Using the photo filter to enhance your photograph, (Video)
-Advanced Colour management, (Video)
-Surface Blur, (Video)
-Smart Objects, (Video)
-Writing Actions, (Video)
-Batch processing, (Video)
-Custom shape tool and the grid for rule of third image placement and cropping, (Video)
-Watermarking your images, (Video)
-Adjustment layers, (Video)
-Colour Replacement tool, (Video)
-Retouching a portrait, (Video)
-Shooting two exposures and Photoshoping the two together, (Video)
-HDR (High Dynamic range), (Video)
-Framing your images and presentation, (Video)
-Using Photoshop to make your website, automated, (Video)
-How much touching up should I do in Photoshop.

Tutorial 5. The Latest Equipment and Software.
-Digital Backs for medium format cameras.
-High End DSLR cameras.
-DSLR Full Frame cameras.
-Digital cameras 6 mega pixels and above.
-Wireless file transfer From Digital Camera to Computer.
-How to get your hands on the best equipment.
-Cleaning Sensors in latest camera models.
-New DAM (Digital Asset Management) software for the Digital Photographer.
-Adobe Lightroom.
-Aperture -The Interface
-Using Stacks
-The Loupe Tool
-The Spot and Patch Tool
-Printing folios, proof books and albums.
-IView Media Pro.
-Understanding how it works
-Meta Data Management
-IView Media pro’s capabilities
-DAM (Digital Asset Management) software for the Digital Photographer conclusion.

Tutorial 6. Event Photography - Shooting Weddings, Parties, Anything.
Advertising and how to get found by potential clients. -Offer something different and be original. -Being competitive and not selling yourself short. -Meeting your potential clients and booking them in. -Discussing your packages, offering different deals that suit your client’s needs. -How to shoot a wedding, what is involved and what is expected. -Understanding your client to capture the best images that they want such as shooting their collection of sylvanian families or images of a park etc. -Capturing the special moments. -How to supply proofs to your clients. -Printing, framing and fulfilling your orders

Tutorial 7. Shooting Professionally.
Fish Eye and Wide-Angle Lenses.
Standard and Portrait Lenses.
Telephoto lenses and camera shake
Teleconverters and extension tubes.
Professional Lenses.
Prime and Zoom Lenses.
What lenses are right for you?
Buying second hand lenses and what to look for.
-Advanced lighting and shooting products
-Three point lighting and shooting portraits
-Advanced Location lighting
-Artificial lighting equipment (studio flash)
-Using Soft boxes

Tutorial 8.  Professional photographic Shoots Exposed!
-An in-depth look inside professional advertising photography shoots.  We use published images and explain how they were lit and shot.
-More Lighting set ups alongside the image taken and explained.
-Before and after shots of the raw image to the final retouched image.
- Interpret and respond to a client brief for a professional shoot.
- Prepare a professional Shooting Schedule.
- Plan and execute a professional location/studio shoot.
-Critiquing your own photography, independently review your own imagery to select your best shot.
- Submit final product to client for approval.
- Prepare and submit client invoices for finished work from accepted quotations.


Course Fees :

Standard Course Fee $650USD

Option 1. Pay upfront and save 10% $585USD

Option 2. Pay per tutorial in 8 payments of $81.25USD

Payment accepted via Paypal.

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