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Photography Studies

Your Author and Tutor.

David Ewing is the author of the Beginners / Digital Photography and Advanced / Digital Photography.

David Ewing is a successful photographer who has won national and international prizes from Canon Professional Network - editors choice, L’Oreal, Digital Photography Magazine and BMW. His clients include such notable companies as Jeep Chrysler, The Age Newspaper, Yellow Pages, and Scanlon and Theodore. As well, he has undertaken fashion shoots for the Mercedes Fashion week and various prominent clothing labels.

David’s talents are particularly evident in his editorial creations, but extend well beyond to all areas of photography. David is currently based in Melbourne Australia where he applies his innovative techniques primarily in the fashion and advertising arena. His work demonstrates a refreshing eye for lighting, composition balance and capturing mysterious impressionistic mood. The personal connection he establishes with his models is reflected in his artistic creations.

David began his success story in Tasmania, where he studied at the School of Fine Art in Hobart and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in three years. He then moved to Melbourne Victoria and began post graduate studies at the Victorian College of the Arts. From there he set out to make a name for himself as a photographer. His portfolio of clients now ranks him as a top digital photographer.

David has done freelance work for clients in Australia, New Zealand and Germany. In addition, he shoots for photographic stock libraries and now he is represented in the United Sates of America, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Italy, Austria, Germany and Canada. His work is sold to advertising agencies and graphic designers worldwide. David also owns and manages his own stock photography library

David says, “Working in China for one and a half years then travelling through Europe and the Middle East has been the perfect time and place for me to write these courses and use the imagery around me to demonstrate digital photographic techniques. I am sure you will enjoy taking these course as much as I have writing them. I have kept these courses as practical and relevant as possible giving you every day examples to advanced techniques to make your photographic skills soar!”

Throughout the courses David shares his world adventures as a digital photographer, and gives his students a rare and insightful glimpse into the colourful and real-life world of digital photography.

This is your opportunity to learn from a master digital photographer, to interact with him personally and gain insightful knowledge and feedback. David currently teaches face to face at the Grenadi School of Design, Melbourne Australia.

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Photography Studies

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