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Photography Studies
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Photography Studies

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Beginners / Digital Photography.
There are many reasons people would want to study photography. Some are just plainly interested in this wonderful art; while some see this as a good opportunity to get part time jobs. Whether you are planning to use your photography skills for pleasure or for acquiring some kind of job, you can be sure that we can help you a lot. We have two categories to offer—one for beginners and one for advanced learners. Know more about our services and courses by reading the information below.

This course is aimed to students that have little experience with using a manual Digital camera. The course will teach you to confidently master the manual controls of your camera. You will also get a profound understanding of lighting, composition and how to retouch your photographs. This course comes in ten in depth tutorials with ten interactive assignments.

Advanced / Digital Photography
This course is aimed to amateur photographers that have an understanding of lighting, composition and manual exposure settings. This course aims to prepare you to develop your skills to a higher level where you can realistically turn your love of photography into a part-time or full time freelance career. This course covers shooting as a professional photographer, making money from stock photography agencies and also mastering advanced photoshop techniques. This course comes in eight in depth tutorials with eight interactive assignments.

For detailed course outlines and course costing please navigate to the Beginners and the Advanced pages.


Photography Studies

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